My name is Pequeno Don Cisco. My family calls me Cisco. As you can see, I’m a little dog, but I’m a brave little dog. All dogs, like all living things, have a purpose;  but I have a mission.  I realized this after I was born.

I fell into the hands of mean and unloving people, who kept me caged in a dark and dismal basement. I was miserable and unhappy. In a dream I saw that I was born to serve and that later I would be happy.

Along came Daisy, and I was rescued. She became my family and introduced me to “the girl of my dreams”. We were now a happy family.

One day Daisy was blessed by “The Spirit Force” and directed to write my story. It includes my purpose and mission which had come to us in our dreams. We have been “chosen” to help children discover and follow their dreams, in order to achieve peace, success and happiness and be the best that they can be. We seek to expand the awareness of children worldwide and to help them to understand that their thoughts can create a better future and a better world. This book is about my life and my mission.

I am your hero,
Pequeno Don Cisco.


Cisco's Blog

Cisco, the little dog hero in Africa


Dear Daisy,

Our sponsored boy, 9 year old Gad, was THRILLED with her book.  I sat and read it to several of the SEVENTEEN kids in the home that Morry and I built.  It was magic.  AND a great story for them and their struggles before coming to Open Arms and for the future in life.

Cisco Helps Dog Recover

True story:     A six year old girl named Reese has a dog that broke its leg. Every night for 3 weeks she read “Pequeno Don Cisco” to her dog until the cast was taken off.  Both Reese and her dog are nicely healed.

Positive Energy

I had fun at the book signings with Daisy.  I met so many kids.  I really liked this one little boy who kept trying to talk to me.  I stared at him.  I sent him positive energy and thoughts.  I believe the little boy understood me.  I love connecting with kids in this way.

Update on young reader

Hi Cisco,
This is Erika. I want to thank you for helping me. I did what you told me. It was so amazing. When I got to my new school everyone thought I was nice. Now, I have two special girlfriends. They read your story too. Can they write to you?
Thank you Cisco,
Your friend, Erika

ps. My Mom is happy with my new attitude. lol

Erica’s letter

Dear Cisco,

My name is Erica and I am ten years old.  Until this summer me and my family lived on a farm.  Last month we moved to Boston, a big city.  When we lived on the farm I had many friends because I lived there my whole life.  I don’t know anybody in Boston.  I have to go to school soon and I am afraid no one will be my friend.  My Aunt gave me a copy of your book. I loved it. I read it over and over.  You really want to help kids.  Cisco, please help me.
I hope you write to me soon.


P.S. My mom typed this e-mail for me.

Cisco in Seattle

I am so happy that Daisy took me to Seattle on her book tour.  I enjoyed meeting all the kids and parents.  Many kids had questions for me as the little dog hero that Daisy answered beautifully.  She talked about believing in your dreams and you become your thoughts.  I kept giving her messages about her next book.  We are headed back home now.  We had a good time.

Getting Ready For Winter

Happy October everyone!  This is a great month to get an annual check up to make sure all your shots are up to date and that you are ready for winter.  This is also a great time to examine your dreams and goals.  Remember your thoughts become your reality.

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Pequeno Don Cisco My first book, the adventures of Pequeno Don Cisco, an inspiring story for young and old, available to purchase from any of the retailers below.

Welcome to the homepage of daisy lewis