Cisco in Africa

Dear Daisy,

Our sponsored boy, 9 year old Gad, was THRILLED with his book.  I sat and read it to several of the SEVENTEEN kids in the home that Morry and I built.  It was magic.  AND a great story for them and their struggles before coming to Open Arms and for the future in life.

Cisco Helps Young Reader

Dear Cisco,

My name is Erica and I am ten years old.  Until this summer my family and me lived on a farm.  Last month we moved to Boston, a big city.  When we lived on the farm I had many friends because I lived there my whole life.  I don’t know anybody in Boston.  I have to go to school soon and I am afraid no one will want be my friend.  My Aunt gave me a copy of your book. I loved it. I read it over and over.  You really want to help kids.  Cisco, please help me! I hope you write to me soon.



P.S. My mom typed this e-mail for me.


Dear Erica, 

How nice to hear from you. Going to a new school in a BIG city can be very scary. Try to fill your mind with happy thoughts and lots of new friends! I used to be scared and I changed how I was thinking. I started to think about myself and how much I wanted to be happy and strong! In my mind I became ” The Little Dog hero”. And today I live my life like that helping kids like you. Think about all the wonderful new friends you are going to have and how happy you will be. And you will be! I am your hero, Cisco.


Hi Cisco, This is Erika. I want to thank you for helping me. I did what you told me. It was so amazing. When I got to my new school everyone thought I was nice. Now, I have two special girlfriends. They read your story too. Can they write to you? Thank you Cisco, Your friend, Erika

Ps. My Mom is happy with my new attitude. lol

On The Road Again

Book signings in Olympia and Tacoma were fun and well attended.  I especially enjoyed meeting the children and their parents. They were excited to meet the real Pequeno Don Cisco.  He was great with the kids.   Cisco connected to a little boy who whispered  in his ear. He stared at him intensely.   I believe it was Cisco’s way of communicating with him.  The little boy also looked into Cisco’s eyes. When it was time to go, the little boy didn’t want Cisco to leave.  I signed a special message from Cisco in his book.
My mission with this book is to send the message to children and teens to believe in yourselves, your dreams and to remember your thoughts become your actions in life. 

On The Road Again

Cisco and I are off to do some book signings in Tacoma and Olympia.  We will be at several small bookstores.  Cisco and I love doing book readings and signings.  The children listen to me read the book and show the pictures.  Cisco sits curled up on my lap. They see that Cisco is the Little Dog Hero in the book.  It’s great when the kids talk to Cisco.  I believe he really understands them.

From Seattle Tour

Hi Cisco, I am Matthew. I met you in Seattle You are so cute. Your book is cool.

Driving Home From Seattle

I am writing from the road today.  The book tour in Seattle was a great success.  So many people are excited about my book and website. It is so gratifying to see kids and parents who believe in the power of thoughts.  Many books were sold and ordered.  Cisco was the perfect little dog hero. I think he enjoyed meeting everyone.  Cisco and I are headed back to Beaverton.

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Pequeno Don Cisco My first book, the adventures of Pequeno Don Cisco, an inspiring story for young and old, available to purchase from any of the retailers below.

Welcome to the homepage of daisy lewis