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Posted on May 6th, 2013 by nancy

Dear Cisco,

My name is Erica and I am ten years old.  Until this summer my family and me lived on a farm.  Last month we moved to Boston, a big city.  When we lived on the farm I had many friends because I lived there my whole life.  I don’t know anybody in Boston.  I have to go to school soon and I am afraid no one will want be my friend.  My Aunt gave me a copy of your book. I loved it. I read it over and over.  You really want to help kids.  Cisco, please help me! I hope you write to me soon.



P.S. My mom typed this e-mail for me.


Dear Erica, 

How nice to hear from you. Going to a new school in a BIG city can be very scary. Try to fill your mind with happy thoughts and lots of new friends! I used to be scared and I changed how I was thinking. I started to think about myself and how much I wanted to be happy and strong! In my mind I became ” The Little Dog hero”. And today I live my life like that helping kids like you. Think about all the wonderful new friends you are going to have and how happy you will be. And you will be! I am your hero, Cisco.


Hi Cisco, This is Erika. I want to thank you for helping me. I did what you told me. It was so amazing. When I got to my new school everyone thought I was nice. Now, I have two special girlfriends. They read your story too. Can they write to you? Thank you Cisco, Your friend, Erika

Ps. My Mom is happy with my new attitude. lol

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